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Release The Kraken (Nightcrawler x Reader) Part 2
Nightcrawler x Reader
Chapter Two
Release of the Kraken- Sort of
It stared back up at you with black, unblinking eyes. It's body was like a walrus's, just with more tentacles. It had gills surrounding the lump of fat that must have been it's head. It's wide mouth was black, teeth everywhere- reminding you of that scene from Star Wars where Luke is about to be pushed into that pit. Your thoughts were cut short by Nightcrawler teleporting a little bit to the left, avoiding a tentacle by the skin of his tail. You shouted out for the others, flash stepping down the cliff and onto the rocky shore. Nightcrawler joined you shortly with a half naked Wolverine and an assumedly wide eyed Cyclops. Assumedly because you can't actually see under his goggles. But there were two red hot beams of light scorching the sand by your feet, so the evidence was rather supportive. You made a surprised noise, stepping to the side before he looked up and removed his fingers from the side of his goggles, apologi
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 13 0
Nightcrawler x Reader
Nightcrawler x Reader
Chapter One
Whitest Gloves
She didn't talk much. The blue-furred teleporter didn't even know what her mutation was, he didn't think anyone did, except for maybe the professor. But she was an X-Man. He had seen her fight- she had some ridiculous moves.  At first he had thought she was a teleporter too, but when he approached her, she merely shook her head and walked off, leaving the poor guy confused as ever.
But he saw it next battle. She melted down the metal handcuffs that bound her. And the chair she was sitting in. And the wall. The Nightcrawler didn't quite understand what made her so ashamed of her powers, until a couple of grunts came through and she melted them too. It was horrifying. Their skin and bones melted away into a crimson puddle on the floor that Nightcrawler made sure to teleporter over. _______ was not so lucky. She had it all over her hands. When Kurt grabbed onto her so as to teleport away she avoided him.
"If the blood touches you it wi
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 38 9
Kanaya Maryam what a babe by MyArmyOfPeeps Kanaya Maryam what a babe :iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 1 0
Mature content
Back to School (America x Reader) :iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 15 2
She Keeps Me Warm (Fem!Spain x Reader)
She Keeps Me Warm
Fem!Spain x Reader
She says I smell like safety and home
The two of you walked down the street holding hands. You two were on a date.
Sort of.
Everyone else thought it was a friend thing, but you two knew better. After all, you loved her.
I named both of her eyes “Forever” and “Please don’t go”
The first and last time she left you, you couldn't breath. You didn't understand why. Why would she leave you? Did you do something wrong? You were so sad, so confused. You sobbed her name into the pillow, she came back the next day with bloodshot eyes and whiskey on her breath.
I could be a morning sunrise all the time, all the time yeah
This could be good, this could be good

You wanted to wake up to her every morning. You wanted her to wake up to you ever morning. And she did. And you did. For so long.
And I can’t change, even if I tried
Even if I wanted to

Your pa
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 6 2
Mature content
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (2p!Reader) :iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 4 1
Christians Against Homosexuality(Belarus x Reader)
Christians Against Homosexuality
Belarus x Reader
Quick disclaimer due to people taking more offense than intended; I don't think that all Christians are homophobic. I'm only poking fun at the ridiculous amount of protest against gay marriage and queer equality that comes from the Christian church.
If you want you can compare it to how gays are always depicted as flamboyant and how lesbians are always depicted as butch.
Almost like people are being stereotyped.
"Now honey, don't look at the fags. They're against God and they're very, very bad." A mother in a grocery store said to her child as you passed her, your hand intertwined with Natalia's. Instead of getting angry, you gasped loudly. You turned to your love, your mouth open in a surprised 'O'.
"Nat, did you know that I'm a lesbian?! I'm shocked, and I feel a little bit betrayed!" Natalia giggled. You walked over to the woman, and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Miss, thank you for letting me know that I am a fag. I had no clue,
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 22 29
Aleina sat on the roof of the apartment drinking, smoking, and being glad that the whole business was over. The face of that woman, however, would haunt her till she died. Noel was downstairs, or out shopping, or something. Having just recently been thawed, he was intent on focusing on the finer things. T-Boards whirred as they passed by on the Tracks. She fingered the cold extenders of her own T-Board, a coal black thing with bright purple stabilizers. The Tracks hummed their deadly cheery hum, and Aleina reached forward, slightly, like the children do before being swayed by the field, but Aleina wasn't a child. Her fingers were so close to them, to the tracks. The woman was so close, her smile burned into the back of her eyelids. She heard a shattering sound, and a gasp. Noel shouted, before everything blinked out of existence.
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 0 0
Mature content
Video Games (Scotland x Reader) :iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 18 5
My Age is Not my Name
Figures of authority
Degrading and berating the majority
Of the people around them
They like to hound them
I'm sick of this concept of superiority
Like your age race or gender are the deciding qualities
We're given so many things to be insecure about
Thank you for telling us it's a shame to be affected by gravity
The numbers on a scale are now our only quality?
Apparently the amount of oil on our skin
Apparently now the shape that we're in
Is the only thing that we can use to win
We all bleed-
More importantly we all bleed red
Someday we will all be dead
Will it matter then?
We'll be ashes or worm food-
No sense in glorifying it
Then will your false better-ness hold any importance?
The worms don't care and the fire is merciless
You box us and you label us and you send us to die
You tell us to get older and you don't let us ask why
Because you say it's disrespectful to question you all-knowing gods
And you don't care as long as you aren't called out on your lie
You cry your alligator te
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 4 4
Just Plain Drunk (Gamzee Makara x Reader)
Gamzee x Reader
Why Love Drunk When You Can Be Just Plain Drunk?
You burst into Gamzee's hive laughing and slurring nonsense words out- while approaching and eventually falling into your best friend.
"Woah now lil' mama, calm down!"
"But Gazmee! I-I mean Gamzee! I love you! I wanna have your babies!" You slurred out, drunk off your ass.
"But sis-"
"No! No... Shhhhh... I... I looooo-"
Aaaaaaaand you were out. You had fallen asleep in your best friend's arms.  He just chuckled, and carried you to his bed- he had gotten one for occasions like this. You had this little problem. You could hold your alcohol pretty well. You had managed to out-drink all the other trolls and humans who challenged you, but your one weakness was vodka. You could not get enough of the stuff. Before the game you could only manage about three big glasses, but after going Godtier you could drink an entire bottle of the stuff without blinking an eye. Despite your powers, after two or three of the things you were
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 36 10
Citronella and Stones (Vriska x Reader)
Vriska Serket x Reader
Citronella and Stones
TW- Implied abuse/abuse.
You were exhausted. You slumped onto the mass of pillows and blankets on your bed, honestly just thankful you made it up to your room without getting hit today.
When you woke up it was midnight and stones were hitting your window. She grinned at you when you dropped down less than gracefully into the rose bush below your window- there were no flowers this time of year, and by now you had learned to wear thick clothing.
You both ran to her truck a few blocks away, and she drove you down to the lake. The stars reflected off the water and the water was extremely calm. She held you in the bed of her truck, sandwiched between heavy blankets. She lit the citronella candles on top of the car of the truck, and the bugs stayed away, for the most part, but you giggled when she swore at the moths fluttering around her head. The two of you fell asleep but that was ok- it was summer and no one would blink twice at the two of you
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 5 0
Scared and Alone (2p!Canada x Reader)
2p!Canada x Reader
Scared and Alone in My Own World of Horror
You had a difficult life. 'Had' being the keyword. Your fiancé had abused you sexually and physically and emotionally and the only reason you were out of that relationship was because you were halfway across the country now, living with your childhood friends Matt and Al who were nice enough to take you in- with the promise of free meals cooked by you. You hadn't told them about your prior living situation, and they hadn't asked. You were pretty sure they'd figure it out at some point though. Until then you were content to pretend that your past didn't exist.
Well the morning it happened you were just waiting for something bad to happen. You were making dinner when both boys got home, Al was extremely drunk.
"Hey bitch!" Al slurred out as you turned to greet them. You were shocked and slightly scared. The behavior reminded you of your ex's. Matt just rolled his eyes and went to go take off his boots. Al stumbled towar
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 18 7
King and Lionheart C1
(Background pairings including: Levi/Eren, Reiner/Bertholdt, Ymir/Krista, Connie/Sasha, probably more implied pairings) 
King and Lionheart
(Modern AU)
Chapter One
Jean woke up with a groggy disposition.
Which immediately disappeared after remembering the night before. 
He grinned at the memory- he had totally wrecked Jeager's ass in Attack on Titan- the only unfortunate instance was when Marco died and respawned on the other team. Other than that everything was fucking awesome. 
The game had made it's debut after a huge underground fight between two gangs- the Titans and the Unnamed, which the Shiganshina Surveillance and Destruction Facility quickly shut down with minimal loss- only a training dummy which the E-Squad called Alex. They had a funeral for it and everything. The E-Sqad, known as E most of the time, consisted of several pairs. 
The brutes of the gang, Annie Leonhardt and Mikasa Ackerman, Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover, Eren Jeager and Riva
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 0 0
2p!Italy x Reader (Twisted)
2p!Italy x Reader
He didn't want you to run away
He had finally found something sweet as sugar to hold onto and you would certainly be scared by his antics.
He was a murderer.
Of course the same thoughts were running through your mind- if he knew about your past time this normal and handsome man would surely be scared off.
You were an assasin.
Well the day secrets were revealed was a nice day. That you were spending inside. Alone. Feliciano had snuck into your home and he was looking over some papers you had- most of which were the people you had to kill. Unfortunately he had killed the wrong girl and he was on that list- known only as an address.
A hit list?
Looks like you weren't so sweet after all.
He ran downstairs.
"Bella!" You stood upon hearing the greeting, and turned to hug the Italian.
"Bella, I murder people!"
"So do I!" You replied, and then you were scooped into a kiss.
Seems you were the perfect couple.
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 2 1
Crowley x Reader
Crowley x Reader
It's hard to be in a relationship with the king of Hell when you hunt with the Winchesters. I mean, you weren't interested in him until after you met him, which was with the Winchesters, and you had been rather injured and sort of lying off in the shadows when Crowley inquired about you- the boys hadn't even noticed that you were there (you may have had a fight with them and gone off on a drive to think about it when you were ambushed by vampires. They had you tied up when Dean and Sam appeared, so those assholes didn't even look). You were in blinding pain anyways, which Castiel so graciously healed. But Crowley had asked about 'that gorgeous little thing' sitting in the corner. If you weren't in an intense amount of pain you would have  blushed. The Winchesters, after getting you healed up, told Crowley to stay away from you. He did nothing of the sort. That night as you had left the motel for a second time (those stubborn assholes suggested that you shoul
:iconmyarmyofpeeps:MyArmyOfPeeps 95 3


2p!F.A.C.E Family by AltairA7Vn 2p!F.A.C.E Family :iconaltaira7vn:AltairA7Vn 216 38
Mature content
The Piper (A Creepypasta) :iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 43 43
Finally Freed [Jareth x Reader (ch20)]
“You can’t say that,” he said quietly after entering the throne room and standing there silently for several minutes. He had dealt with Rumpelstiltskin in a separate room.
“You can’t just…out of love?” He practically scoffed. “What is it you really want from me?”
“Jareth.” You harshened your voice so he would look at you. “Don’t you tell me what I feel or don’t feel. The only thing I want is for Rachel to get home safely, and…to stay with you. Because we’ve been through too much together for me to just leave.”
“And that’s what you call love?” he said, mockingly.
“Understanding each other? Yes. What’s your definition, then?”
That stunned him into silence.
He walked over to his throne where you sat and wrapped his arms around you. “I am so sorry. I just—I didn’t expect—nobody has ever loved me. Nobody has t
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 125 84
Germania's Date (2P!Kindertalia x Teacher!Reader)
Lutz and Edgar watched Vati get ready for his evening tonight. Other than work or going out with a few friends, he didn’t really go out much, especially not with a lady. He was also thrilled in going as he preened himself a bit more than usual.
“Vati should take her some place nice,” said Edgar.
“The beer hall!” said Lutz.
“Don’t take her there!”
“That’s not a bad idea,” said Germania, “It shouldn’t have many people tonight,”
“But that’s not romantic!” said Edgar.
“I’m just taking her to dinner as friends,”
“Then why do we have to go to Aunt Britannia’s house?” Lutz moaned
“Because Britannia is close and she agreed to let you two stay. I’ll drop you off to prevent what happened the last time,”
“Now Vati that wasn’t our faults!”
“And we learned a valuable lesson, that a man’s most vulnerable spot is his
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 400 123
Mature content
Blind Trust (2P!Prussia x Blind!Reader) :iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 258 123
What's With The Disco Face by ImWiththeUnicorn What's With The Disco Face :iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 5 7 Your Fake Leg Is Really Sexy by ImWiththeUnicorn Your Fake Leg Is Really Sexy :iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 6 3 frozen was the worst thing to ever happen to me by ImWiththeUnicorn frozen was the worst thing to ever happen to me :iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 17 20
Finding Mr. Right (2P!Kindertalia x Reader) Intro
“Okay guys, we do know that Miss ____________ is single and what kind of woman wouldn’t be complete without her special someone!” said Lutz, “I mean look at her! She’s smart, she’s hot, she’s funny, and she’s really nice,”
“Da, she needs someone nice to be with her,” said Ivan. Since the boys have been back from Christmas Break, they noticed that Miss __________ looked a bit unhappy. They announced a Valentine’s Day Couples dinner and show that the school was organizing. Parents and couples were going to buy tickets and the kids would perform and have a big dinner. The teachers were expected to bring someone with them and participate. Valentine’s Day for most was international “Hook up” day or in some cases “Way to make me feel terrible” day. ____________ didn’t mind Valentine’s Day. She had a lot of Valentine’s Day things planned for her class including what they wer
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 441 269
Seths Tattoos by PotentiallyFire Seths Tattoos :iconpotentiallyfire:PotentiallyFire 7 4 Casper by PotentiallyFire Casper :iconpotentiallyfire:PotentiallyFire 2 1
Mature content
Matthew's Revenge II (2P!Canadian Provinces) :iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 88 83
Mature content
Matthew's Revenge (2P Canadian Provinces x Reader) :iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 124 87
Dragon!Denmark x Reader ~The Dragonsight~ 21
~Chapter 21~
It was strange being able to regain control of his own body. When the dragon left the warrior’s heart, he felt lighter than before. The heat of his dragon’s fire returned to him, and as the light enveloped him he could feel his strength reviving him anew. 
When the transformation had been completed, he stood over his vessel, a grand dragon towering before a human in dominating size. The journey back to Eldur Mountain had its ups and downs, but with the human’s vigorous spirit imbued inside his soul, the dragon chose to carry away the precious memories of his travels. 
Mathias looked upon the dragon who was now at his feet. His eyes grew wide with surprise when a bright red light suddenly enveloped him, and in a matter of seconds, the dragon had been reduced to nothing more than an exact copy of himself.
“Y-You…” he breathed. “How were you able to do that?”
“Magic,” the dragon grinned, testing out his ne
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 126 38
Mature content
The Beauty in Violet :iconlilacgiraffe:lilacgiraffe 91 12
Sherlock Holmes X Reader:Devil's Play (Ch.67)
"'The Devil's Play-Corruption Based in Seattle Police Department Originates from Crazed British Criminal'," Sherlock read, and looked up at you with amused gray eyes. "You heard me when I said Moriarty was a devil and it was time for the last play."
You scowled, looking down at the police consultant as he lay on your couch, reading your article. It had taken one sleepless night to finish it, and you had finally, with a lot of satisfaction, turned it in to your publisher. "It was a good title," you defended your hard work. 
Sherlock's grin only widened considerably. "So it is," he said, grabbing your hand and pulling on it until you sat on the edge of the couch next to him. "'Justin Bray, suspect in several criminal acts including injury to officers in the Seattle Police Department, tampering of cases, minor drug trade, and murder, was found to have connections to a first-class criminal posing as a British politician. Bray was employed by this politician, known as James Moriarty, a
:icongreendaylover11:greendaylover11 34 65


I will no longer be using this account. I will no longer be writing for this account, and no new content will be uploaded. Thank you all for your support along the way, I have an archive of our own account at 'andsothebladewentsnickersnack'
The updated there will not be regular but content will be uploaded.
I'm so sorry for not updating for six months, I was going through some stuff with depression and anxiety. Thank you all again.


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