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Castiel x Reader
What Happens When We Let Cas Read Fanfiction.

Warning: EXTREME shameless self advertising. I couldn't help myself. Although, *she supposed, after finishing the story* I've made more work for myself. *she cleverly bashed her shameless ways, hoping to at least get a smile from the reader*
And EXTREME OOC Cas. I apologize. It's my first time writing him, Sam, and Dean, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.
And the title makes some sense, but I find it kind of doesn't really cover the story how I want it to. It's EXTREMEly worrying for me, so let me know what you think.
And stay EXTREME.

You, Sam, Dean, and Castiel were on a hunt. A hunt that seemed to actually need four people this time. Your immediate reaction to the offer of joining the two of them four years ago was a great big 'Fuck to the no', because of all the damn drama they went through on a daily basis, but after a few minutes of pestering, you had given in. You didn't know why they wanted to hunt with you, nor did you care, you simply wanted to hunt. When ever one of them went off on a temper tantrum, you just sat back and let them brawl it out, occasionally having to talk to one or both of them. You were a family. A dysfunctional, crazy family. And then in walked Castiel, and you had to develop a crush on the damn guy. Who could blame you though? His crazy hair that seemed to adapt to the mood, his eyes that were so often adorably confused, and of course his lovely angel lips. They looked soft, and plump, and frankly delicious. But what chance had you? He was somewhat clueless. Ok, he was super clueless. I mean the one time Dean took him out to a strip joint... Well, that didn't end well. You didn't exactly have high hopes.
Well, it was a quiet evening, and you were on the Internet. You had decided to check out some of the Supernatural websites, the ones for the book series that the Prophet Chuck wrote. You had started to read some of the comments, and you were trying not to die laughing.
'Siren4Sam333: I s0000 support Sam/Dean~ th4ts like th4 c00lest pairing EVAR~~~'
'Deanisgod76: Gurl, u gotta try the reader inserts everyone raves about.'
'Siren4Sam333: OMG THEY'RE THE BEEEEST~~~'
And then the downright creepy ones. '_______Dean43v3r: Gah, all of those pairings suck! Mine is the best, ______ and Dean would be sooo~ cute together'
'Sam______DeanLUV: I think my pairing is the best~! I mean, everyone loves the love triangle!'
That one made you gag slightly. And then the ones that just pissed you off.
'Criticz: Wooooooow, these people are such whiney babies. Have you ever heard of someone crying over shit like this? This sucks major ass!'
Yeah, you try living it bud. You continued to read, occasionally giggling, earning looks from Dean, Sam, and eventually Castiel.
"What's so funny about these, ______?" You heard a voice breathe into your ear, and you jumped, accidentally knocking heads with the angel who decided to sneak up on you and scare the living fuck out of you. Of course he didn't even flinch, however you had a nice big bump on the head that throbbed.
"God Cas. You scared the holy shit outta me!" You complained, and he simply looked at you.  
"It's funny because of how stupid these people are, Cas." You explained, and he nodded, before admitting he still didn't understand. At this point, Sam and Dean had approached and read the offending comments.
"Yeah Cas. They're all idiots." Dean said, blushing slightly at the ridiculous pairings on the site. I mean he had already tried to seduce you, and he ended up with a broken nose.
In your defense, when someone randomly digs their face into your neck from behind, you punch first and ask questions later. Castiel had taken your spot at your computer, and was now reading crappy fanfiction made by the boys' fangirls. You, being a girl, were 'hip to the lingo', as some would put it, so when Cas started to read a lemon, you had to take your computer away. He was left with a WTF face and an uncomfortable heat in his stomach area. Not to mention the huge blush that spread across his face. He had made it about half way through, basically to the end of the foreplay that the writer had set up. You quickly scanned through it and noticed that it wasn't really that bad, and it left you with a bit of a nosebleed. MyArmyOfPeeps was the writer. You took note of this, and decided to use that information later.
It was later that night, and you had woken up in the middle of the night. You stood to go outside, and maybe grab yourself a Coke, but you collided with Castiel as you stood.
"Cas, all three of us have said again and again that personal space is something us humans enjoy, and feel uncomfortable without. Do I need to lick you again to keep you standing a few good feet away?" You asked, and Cas, as always, didn't understand what you meant, and gave you a questioning look, making you smile and push him out of the way. You tossed your hair back and headed out for a cola, unaware of the angelic stalker you had. You tossed a coin into the machine, and then two more, and then two more, the total, a dollar twenty five. (Meaning a dollar and twenty five cents, for any and all who didn't know.) You felt hands rest on your waist, and a face bury itself into your neck, and you immediately smelt Cas's hair, making you stiffen, and then relax only slightly. Of course you only stiffened more as Castiel's lips that were buried into the crook of your neck began to move, searching for something. He brushed past your soft spot, making you jump slightly, and moan softly. He paused there, and hesitantly began to suck on the spot, making you aware of the situation your were in.
"Uh... Cas? What... What are you doing?" You asked, and he shrugged.
"I read the story and wanted to try it." He mumbled into your neck, almost mischievously, making you shudder, thanks to the heat that washed along your soft spot. He continued to suck on the spot, earning a groan from you.
"A-aaaah~ b-but C-C-Ca- ah! Cas, th-that's n-not- oh." The angel had begun to kiss up your neck to your jawbone, where he nibbled, almost expectantly, and you let out a low moan. His grip tightened on your waist, and he turned you sharply. His eyes were aflame with desire, and the intensity of his gaze made you shudder. He continued to attack your neck, now at a better angle, earning some moans from you, and an occasional whimper. All of a sudden your feet were lifted off the ground, and you held on to Cas for dear life. His strong hands gripped your thighs, and when you opened your eyes you realized he hadn't zapped you elsewhere, he had simply picked you off the ground and wrapped your legs around his waist, and oh my god the bastard had planned this. However, you didn't really have time to ponder this because his lips collided with yours. It took you a few moments to realize that Castiel was kissing you. When he nipped your bottom lip, you didn't even think about not allowing his tongue into your mouth. He was skilled, his tongue searched your mouth, and then finally ended up rubbing against your own. He pulled away with a soft pop.
"You have no clue how long I've been for that to happen." You said, panting slightly for lack of air. He smiled softly, before saying something you never expected to hear in a lifetime.
"Dean and I had a feelings chat, and I think that I love you. Or maybe like you, as more than a friend."
You stifled a giggle.
"A... Feelings chat?" You asked, and he nodded.
Ok. Well that wasn't weird.
"Well, I like you too. As more than a friend." You said, grinning, and he smiled. You gave him a chaste kiss on the lips before attempting to hop down from his waist. However, his grip only tightened.
"No... You're not going anywhere." He said, backing you up against you wall. It was going to be a long night.
I feel kinda dirty after writing this about an angel. I mean, even if he is a fictional character.
I don't own Sammy, Dean-o, or Cas.
Again, please let me know what you think :)

Sequels! (Read in order) (well you don't have to) (but I would)
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Hay Sam, Dean, or Cas or a girl....just saying I know about the "thing" that happened last week. You guys need to come to my home right now or ill broadcast it to the state news. I live in Ohio. I think you could get enough of this... See ya soon!

*silently waits patiently rockin back and forth in a corner*
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