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January 16, 2013
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Dedicated to Amanda~Panda~Pants~ YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE GURL!
She told me to upload it. I apologize in advance for Kid's OOC-ness~

Kid x Reader

Gay? I think not!

"I can't get my damn brows right!" You cursed, before leaning back on your feet.
Then it struck you.
The answer to all your problems- Kid.
So the next day, you wore your most symmetrical outfit. The only thing off about you was your eyebrows. Ok, so maybe you were in love with the guy, you'd known him since you were both young, but still. He could always help with this problem. So off you went to school.


"Kid!" You yelled, catching up to him in the halls.
"Yes, _____?" He asked, and you smiled sweetly.
"I'm having a small problem- my eyebrows. Could you do them for me?" You asked, and he grinned.
"Yes, of course." He said, giving you a once over, "Honestly, you do so well with symmetry, I don't know why you can't get your eyebrows right."  You blushed at the indirect compliment.
Hey, you'd take what you could get.

*timeskip to the weekend!*

You woke up to Kid barging into your house with a large sheet of paper.
"Up and at 'em ______, go take a shower, then we can do this!" He said, unusually cheery.
"Kid. Why are you so loud and happy?" You asked him, standing. He gasped at your outfit.
"YOU MANAGED TO STAY SYMMETRICAL AFTER SLEEPING?!" He asked, and you pulled out the pins holding your outfit in place.
"Just in case, Kid."

*time skip*

You exited your shower, and dried off. You felt pretty good. You dried off your larger-than-average chest, and pulled on your clothing.
"Ok Kid, come on in!" You said, and Kid wasted no time in setting up. He knelt down in front of you, tweezers in hand, but then he shook his head.
"No good angles. Lie down." He said, and you sighed, then obliged. He straddled you, pinning you to the floor. You blushed bright red, but relaxed when he began to style your eyebrows. After an hour or so, he finished, grinning at his work. You checked them out.
"Wow Kid... Perfect. It really is nice having a gay friend." You said, cheerily. You were such a tease.
"W-w-what?! I'm not gay, it's just O-OCD!" He yelled, and you giggled.
"Are you sure?" You asked, and he flushed.
"You thinking I'm OCD is better than you thinking I'm gay!" He said, and you let his words sink in.
"It's the only other explanation." You said, and a gleam appeared in his eyes, making you gulp, and step back, right into the counter.
"Do I have to prove to you that I am not gay?" He asked, a small smirk on his lips.
"N-no, I believe you!" You said hastily as he approached you.
"You were having trouble believing me a minute ago~" he purred, and you targeted your escape- the door. Unfortunately, Kid reached you sooner than anticipated, and you were soon pinned to the counter, a devilish Kid nuzzling his nose into your neck. You gulped, and tried to get away.
"Ah ah ah~" He said, "I still don't think you believe me." Your heart beat increased as Kid placed his lips hesitantly on yours, and wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you closer. You were still frozen.
"Hey ____..." He said, pulling away, "I love you."
Major fan girl attack. You pushed your emotion down, settling for grabbing his collar, and mashing his lips upon yours once more.
"Hey Kid..." You said, pulling away, "I love you too." He grinned, and you laughed, pulling his collar down once more.
"I'm still not sure about the whole straight thing, though. Maybe bi?" You whispered into his ear, and he growled.
"It looks like I'll just have to prove it to you. I'm not even bisexual." He said, and you shivered.
"I don't think I mind that..." You whispered into his ear, and he blushed wildly, and smirked.
Oh, this was going to be fun~
I don't own you or Soul Eater
Part Two Lemon: [link]
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