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April 7, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Demon!2p!America x Reader Lemon

Warning: This is really smutty. Don't like, don't read. This is possibly the most smut-tastic thing I have ever written, and I am embarrassed to post this.
We're all perverts, aren't we, though?

You entered Al's house, and headed up to his room, feeling a bit happy about the fact that you were early. "Hey Al!" You said cheerily as he glared at you.
"Why are you so fucking happy all the damn time?" He asked, and you shrugged.
"Force of habit." You answered with a silly little giggle, "So, Aaaaaaaaaal, what was the thing you wanted to tell me?" You asked, looking him in the eye with your (e/c) eyes, smiling lightly.
"O-oh, right. Well, you know how a while ago, before we met, there was that volcanic eruption?" He asked, and you shuddered. The eruption spit out a couple of demons who were extremely powerful, and almost looked like Slenderman, but less white. And they had faces.
"Yeah." You said, and he sighed.
"I'm a demon." He said, and you laughed nervously.
"Haha, funny, Al.." You said, and he sighed again.
"It's true."
"Oh my god. I... I need a moment to think about this. Could you give me a sec?" You asked, sitting down, almost falling, and he nodded, concern showing in his eyes.
"Y-you're not gonna kill me?" You asked, and he shook his head.
"No... I don't think I could. I was going to. I mean, when I first met you, but... I kinda... Uh..." He scratched the back of his head, nervously laughing.
"You what?" You asked, and he sighed.
"I wasn't just going to say that, I uh, I wanted to say something else... Too." He said, and you laughed.
"Well then, say it! It's not like it's going to change anything. I mean, I still lo- I'm still your friend even after you told me you're some demon who was spit out of a volcano." You said, and he chuckled, nervously. He seemed out of character.
"Al, I am sti- Mmmph!" You were cut off by the lips of a certain American who was now straddling you.
"I love you." He mumbled, and you went bright red under his grip.
"Do you love me too, ______?" He asked, and you nodded slightly, blown away by what he said.
"Why?" He asked, suddenly, eyes growing red, "How could you love a monster, _______? I'm just going to end up hurting you." He said. Yeah, Al was really out of character.
"Al. Shut the fuck up. You're acting really strangely. I mean, really. Do you want me to love you, or not? Get your shit together." You said, frowning. All of a sudden, Al sat up a little straighter.
"Yeah. You're right, doll." He said, smirking, and leaning down to kiss you again, hard. He pulled away, and looked down at you.
"I'm about to show you my true form." He said, and you nodded, ready for what was to come. After his quick transformation, he still looked like Al.
He had tanned skin, red eyes, and red hair. The only real difference were the six extra limbs snaking out from behind his back. They were beautiful. They were sunset red, and moved around in the air almost nervously. You reached up to feel one. It felt like human skin, except a bit softer. You looked into Al's confident eyes, then back at the tendrils swishing through the air, betraying his emotions.
"You're... Beautiful." You said, smiling slightly, and earning a huff from him. "Not manly, _____? Not handsome? Beautiful?" He asked, smirking, and leaning down slightly, touching his nose to yours. He shook his head.
"I'll have to do better, babe. I wonder if I'll still look beautiful when you're screaming my name so loud everyone can hear you." He said, and you blushed bright red. Wait, did he say 'When'? Oh... Oh my...
He connected his lips to yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. It was kinda like a cat's, you realized as it rubbed against your own tongue, and explored your mouth. He tasted metallic. It wasn't unpleasant, it just had a tang.
"Hhhnn~" you moaned out as his rough tongue traveled down your neck, stopping to bite and suck at certain spots. You gasped aloud when one of the red tendrils slipped under your shirt, and began to massage your breast, before ripping your shirt and bra open, exposing your chest to Al's hungry eyes. He smirked as another one of the tendrils connecting to his back wrapped itself around your other breast, squeezing it so tightly it hurt.
"Ah!" You called out at the pain. Al's own shirt had been removed, and you let out a sight of relief as the tendril abusing your breast got bored, an began to pull and tease at your nipple, making you moan softly. A third tendril entered your pants, and it played with your clit slowly, circling it, then flicking it, moving to the melodious sound of your moans. A fourth tendril forced its way into your mouth, silencing you, and exploring the area greedily as Al's own mouth moved down your body, sucking on your nipples. You noticed the fifth tendril enter Al's pants, ripping them off, showing a tentacle-like limb, eager to be pleasured. You couldn't see the sixth tendril, and that worried you, but you were soon distracted by the tendril that slipped easily to the back of your throat. You felt something enter you swiftly stopping abruptly, the sixth tendril you realized, blushing madly. You heard a ripping sound, and you vaguely realized that it was the sound of your shorts being ripped off of your body, along with your panties. Al continued to suck on your nipple, biting down somewhat when the sixth tendril moved again. Did he get pleasure from this? It moved quickly, exploring every single nook and cranny of you,  making you moan around the tendril that abused your mouth, and when it found your sweet spot it abused it to no end, poking it softly before viciously pounding against it, making you cry out and come, your inner walls squeezing the tendril tightly.  Al smirked, and removed all of the tendrils, including the sixth that had embedded itself deeply into you. He removed it slowly, making sure it hit your sweet spot once more on the way out. You lay there panting, looking like a goddess to Al.
"You ready?" He asked, positioning himself at your entrance.
"Didn't... Didn't ask the first time." You said, and he chuckled, before swiftly entering you,  his throbbing tentacle searching for the sweet spot he found so easily the first time. When he found it, he began to pound into you roughly, making you call out his name loudly. When you came the second time, he came too, coming inside of you, his hot seed spilling out of you.
"Al... I love you." You said, and he smiled a bit, not pulling out, simply resting there inside of you. You leaned up and kissed him, feeling his bulge twitch inside of you.
"Don't you start." He warned, pulling out of you, the friction making you both moan. He reached over you, grabbing a convenient blanket and covering both of you,  and you fell asleep quickly.
"Love you too, _____. Always will."
What did I just write...
I don't own Al.


I realize that Al is kinda a mix between Homestuck trolls, Slenderman, and 2p!Murica....

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