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January 13, 2013
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Germany x Bullied!Reader
______ sighed.
Another long day. Another painful day. Someone had written the word 'freak' on the mirror in her locker. She had ignored it, but people saw it and laughed. She was shoved into the lockers about five times today. People pushed her books out if her hands six times today, and she was called 'Freak' and 'Strange' countless times. She was a nice girl, but for some reason people liked picking on her.
"________!" She heard a voice call out, as she was walking home to her abusive parents. She didn't want to go home, but she didn't want to be late either, and besides, being called freak, and emo would be better than going home to pain, right?
"_______!" The voice called again, and she turned.

"What?" You asked, a bit annoyed at the blonde running toward you.
"Sorry. About zhe mirror zhing. My older brother did it, Gilbert,
and I vanted to say sorry." The guy you recognized as Ludwig said, and you scoffed.
"Really, how much are your friends paying you to talk to me, and where are they hiding?" You asked. This had been done to you many times.
"V-vhat?" He asked, and you sighed.
"Don't play dumb. I asked you a damn question." You said, and he looked confused. Honestly confused.
"I don't get it." He said, and you softened a bit.
"What I mean is; people's friends pay them to talk to me. Because to them, I'm just some stupid freak... Sorry for assuming." You said, and Ludwig nodded.
"Vell, I-I have to go." He said, and you started walking away, only to see some of Ludwig's friends, Feliciano and Kiku walk out of the bushes. Lying bastard. You ran the rest of the way home.


"Augh!" You cried out as the knife your mother held carved a single word into your arm.


The next day, in the 100 degree weather, you wore a sweatshirt. People laughed at you, but you brushed them off. You sighed, not hearing Ludwig approach.
"_______." He said, and you turned to see him.
"You should take off the sweatshirt." He said, and you sighed.
"You should stay away from me." You retorted. Ludwig rolled his eyes, taking a seat next to you.
"If you do not take off zhe sweatshirt, I vill take zhe damn thing off of you." He growled, and you sighed.
"Only my friends can tell me to do stuff like that, Ludwig." You said and Ludwig chuckled.
"Zhen ve are friends." He said, and you rolled your eyes.
"Your funeral." You said, before removing the sweatshirt. The soft breeze felt wonderful on your skin, and Ludwig's breath hitched when he saw the scar.
"Did you do zhat?" He asked, and you shook your head.
"Who di-"
"My m-mom." You whispered, and he is jaw dropped.
"You are staying at my house tonight." He said, and you looked at him.
"No buts. You cannot go home to an abusive mother."
"I'll just have to borrow your clothes then." You said, smirking.
"Ah. Vell. I suppose so... I'm not letting you worm out of this." He cleared his breath awkwardly.
And thus began a great friendship. You got along pretty well with Feli and Kiku, so you supposed that was allright. Feli absolutely adored you, and he would always talk to you when you were down. Ludwig called the police on your mother, and you ended up with Ludwig and his brother permanently. Gilbert stopped bullying you for the most part, now seeing you as his younger sister. No one else stopped though. If anything they got even more violent.
One night, walking home from your part time job, you got cornered by some classmates in an alley. They beat you, and cut you, then left you there to crawl home. You made it back to the house quickly, ignoring Gilbert as you rushed upstairs to your room- what used to be the guest room, and collapsing on the bed.
When Ludwig got home, after hearing what his brother had to say, he went straight to your room to make sure you were all right. When he saw the state of your arms and legs, he suspected the worst, looking at your unmoving body.
"________!" He shouted, and you woke.
"What happened?!" He asked, and you sighed, explaining what had happened. Ludwig cursed.
"I will kill them." He said, before grabbing your shoulders.
"You are perfect." He said, and you sighed.
"I love you." He blurted out, instantly, blushing, his blue eyes wide with shock at what he just said.
"Mein gott. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said that."
"Nein, I'm so sorry!"
"I'm just going to-
"LUDWIG. I love you too." You finally interrupted him, and he froze, before smiling and leaning down to kiss your cheek.
"You are perfect."
OHMIGOD. FUCKING WRITERSBLOCK. This was so hard to write. I'm stuck in a fucking hole. I hate writersblock. I will get back to writing, but until then, please be patient with me.
I don't own Hetalia,
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
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Germany : You are perfect.
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Reader-chan : Ludwig-
Germany : I'm just going to-
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