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February 8, 2013
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The time was World War 2, location; Germany. You are a commander in an American fleet, who just discovered a death camp.

You walked into the clearing, the smell of decaying flesh reached your nose. You stared in shock at the bodies piled on the ground. The doors to the camp were soon opened, and a prisoner stumbled forward. You caught the sobbing man, and he kissed your cheek, sobbing into your shoulder. You stared, rubbing the man's back awkwardly.
"Hallo Sir. was soll ich Sie nennen?" You asked in German.
"Balke." He whispered, and you smiled at him.
"mach dir keine Sorgen. wir holen dich da raus."
The rest of the camp was horrible. The dead littered the dirt roads. You saw an official looking house, and you stormed in. There sat a Nazi, with a knife. He charged for you, and you easily disarmed him.
"Sie ficken fuck! Wie kannst du es wagen! Sie und Ihre Nazi scum Brüder zahlen. Ich kann nicht glauben, dass der Mensch würde so etwas tun! Ich sollte dich töten!" One of your officers walked in to see you holding your gun to the man's head.
"______! Calm down! We'll question him!"
"You're right. Kommen, Idiot! schauen, was du getan hast!"(Come, idiot! look what you've done!) You snapped, and dragged the man outside. You were the highest authority here. No one would question you.
"Schauen Sie sich um. Schauen Sie sich diese Leute, diese deutschen Volkes. Schauen Sie, was Sie getan haben, du Bastard. Sind Sie nicht ein Mensch? Antworte mir!" (Look around you. Look at these people, these German people. Look what you've done, you bastard. Are you not a man? Answer me!) You shouted at the man, and he flinched.
"No Humans würde das nicht tun, um anderen Menschen. Die Menschen sind nicht krank Bestien wie Sie. verstehst du, wie viel Schmerz, wie viel Leid sie verursacht haben? Diese Leute waren wie Sie. Religion nicht einen Unterschied machen. Diese Leute haben die Hände wie Sie. Sie haben Kinder wie dich. Sie haben Frauen wie Sie. Und du Schlachtung wie sie sind Tiere. Sie haben nicht einmal verdient, den Frieden des Todes. Wenn ich nicht barmherzig, würde ich Sie leiden wie sie, aber ich bin ein Mensch. Sie sind es nicht." (No. Humans wouldn't do that to other humans. Humans are not sick beasts like you. do you understand how much pain, how much suffering you have caused? These people were like you. Religion does not make a difference. These people have hands like you. They have children like you. They have wives like you. And you slaughter them like they are animals. You don't even deserve the peace of death. If I weren't merciful, I would make you suffer like them, but I am human. You are not.) You finished your rant by pushing the man down, and turning.
"I'm going to go take a walk, maybe shoot some trees. Let the prisoners decide his fate. I want them to choose. You understand me, Budge?" You asked your officer, and  he nodded, gulping. You stomped out of the camp, still seething.
To think... There are so many more of these camps...
You couldn't get them all, but you would sure as hell try.

Over six million people died in these camps. This is dedicated to all of the people who died in the concentration camps.
*The end*
This is my first time writing something like this, and it may or may not suck. Lemme know what you think :)
NightfireXD Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:| Ich lachte, als ich den Deutschen lesen könnte!
SavvyShade Feb 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This is really good! :D
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